Wondering What You Should Expect During Your Required HIPAA Assessment? 

Get a HIPAA Risk Assessment Checklist to Help Ensure It's Done Right


Undergoing a HIPAA risk assessment is critical. 

HIPAA Risk Assessment ChecklistThere are several very important reasons why the HIPAA Security Rule requires covered entities like medical practices and ambulatory surgery centers to undergo regular HIPAA assessments. They are the backbone of effective program that helps identify risks and vulnerabilities which can put protective health information and other sensitive data at risk. HIPAA risk assessments also help providers comply with regulations, reducing the potential for substantial fines and other significant non-compliance penalties. 

Organizations cannot afford to overlook the importance of undergoing a HIPAA risk assessment. Many of the largest fines associated with HIPAA non-compliance are attributable to organizations failing to determine whether and where risks to the integrity of their protected health information (PHI) exist.1 In addition, if a HIPAA risk assessment isn't performed regularly or properly and a data breach occurs, organizations can face civil and even criminal penalties. The average cost of a healthcare data breach exceeds $7 million.2  

Medicus IT, a healthcare IT specialist with extensive experience delivering systems and solutions that keep organizations compliant and out of trouble, has created a HIPAA risk assessment checklist that’s now available for download. Use it to help ensure your risk assessments cover all the bases.  

This complimentary resource: 

  • Provides essential background information on HIPAA risk assessment requirements
  • Identifies core areas of your IT operations that should be evaluated 
  • Outlines the deliverables you should expect from the third party performing the HIPAA risk assessment 
  • Explains why a consultation performed in conjunction with a risk assessment is critical to success 

To get this helpful HIPAA risk assessment template checklist and adapt it for use in your facility, fill out the form on this page.