Your Healthcare IT Budget: Important Considerations and Best Practices

60 min

Organizations of all types often struggle with IT budgeting. While often viewed as one big mass, an IT budget comprises many elements you need to consider.

Would you like to learn more about what to include in your healthcare IT budget to keep your organization on track?

Webinar- Your Healthcare IT Budget

Topics covered include the following:

  • Explain the importance of IT budget planning
  • Identify critical aspects of your IT to include in the plans
  • Share best practices to help ensure an accurate IT budget
  • Discuss common IT budget pitfalls



Nelson Gomes

NJ President Senior Vice President of Development, Medicus IT

Nelson Gomes is an information technology veteran with more than 29 years of IT experience. He is the founder of PriorityOne Group. Named to the Inc. Top 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies for four consecutive years, PriorityOne Group is a leading provider of integrated managed IT services to organizations including ASCs, medical groups, and hospitals. The PriorityOne Group team of talented and committed professionals helps healthcare providers deliver high-quality care while maintaining IT security and compliance. The key to Nelson's and PriorityOne Group's success is the unique ability to leverage technology to allow providers to deliver better and smarter healthcare, driven by a single mission of enabling healthcare organizations to make the most of their technology.


Mike Jann

Virtual Chief Information Officer, Medicus IT

Our Client Virtual Chief Information Officer, Mike Jann, bridges the complex world of Managed Services to its practical application in Healthcare. More than twenty years of experience in the information technology industry provides him a unique vantage point when addressing our clients’ needs. Not only does he lead his team with conviction, but he intelligibly disseminates his wealth of healthcare-focused technical knowledge to our clients and prospects, allowing them to understand the Medicus IT value on an applicable level.

Mike holds a Master degree in Business Administration. His education, compounded with years of technical experience, uniquely qualifies Mike to better understand the business needs of practice owners from an IT security and HIPAA compliance perspective. In his private time, Mike enjoys traveling around the world and being out on the water.